Travel Info

Information given for non-festival provision is a guide only so please check on the relevant websites


National Express Coaches do not require proof of having a festival ticket/booking reference.  
See Tickets coaches are strictly for non-working festival goers.


You should have your ‘official letter’ with you in case you’re asked to prove you are legit.

The Festival Bus Station is located at the NW tip of the site by Pedestrian Gate A and between Yellow Gate and Red Gate.  It’s split into distinct sections and Festival bus services are marked GF1, GF2, GF3, Rail & Ride and Pick Up/Drop Off Shuttle.  There is a Travel Information Point near Gate A from Wed 22nd June to Mon 27th June.  When this is closed there is a general Information Point onsite near Gate A.


(a) CC to Festival 

Staff only bus on Sat 18th June 1100-2115 & Sun 19th 1200-2115 at approx 90 min. intervals,  

Mon 20th June 09:00 – 23:00 every 60 mins, last bus 22:40. 

Tue 21st 09:00 – 23:59 09:00 at approx. 60min intervals. Last bus approx. 22.45.  

Public bus on Wed 22nd 0600-2300, Thurs 23rd 0700-2300 & Fri 24th 0900-2300

Sat 25th 0900-1800 & Sun 26th 0800-2100 and Mon 27th June 0300-1800 all at approx 15 min. intervals. Staff only bus Tues 28th June 1000-1500

(b) Festival to CC

Sun 26th June 0800 - 1945 approx. 30 min. intervals; Mon 27th June 0300 – 1800 for public and 2230 for staff at approx. 15 min. intervals; Tues 28th 09:00 – 15:00 at approx. 90 min intervals, last bus 13.15


Castle Cary station is best to aim for then you can get the free shuttle to site.  For train times, information and tickets visit GWR’s Glastonbury page. 

Bristol Temple Meads to Castle Cary – there are regular trains, sometimes you may have to change at Westbury, and the journey takes around 70 minutes.  For information on train times call National Rail Enquiries on 08457 484950 or visit


Nearest airport is Bristol International Airport.  Then take the ‘Bristol International Flyer’ bus to Temple Meads station and then the shuttle bus (see above) to site.  If your home is not in the UK you must contact Fiona to tell her where to send your ‘official letter’ (which gives you access to site so you can collect your ticket). 


After the festival a free shuttle service will be available to recyclers.  Please sign up at the office if you wish to travel on the minibus. If you have a need for travel at another time, please contact the Tom's Field office.

Toms Field office to Festival Bus Station for buses to Castle Cary Train Station:
Mon 27th June 13:00 & 17:00
Tue  28th June 11:00

Toms Field office direct to Castle Cary train Station:
Tue 28th June 18:00
Thu 30th June  12:30 & 18:30
Fri 1st July       10:00

Please check the Tom's Field Office noticeboard for up to date times as they may differ slightly or for people offering lifts.

Please allow enough time to catch your train.  At busy times the minibus may do several runs. One way from the farm to station is around half an hour but can take much longer at peak festival traffic times.


If you are driving here please reconsider and use public transport instead.  If you cannot do this then how about car sharing?  We have linked up with goCarShare so please look at: or go to the Official Glastonbury Recycling Crew Facebook.  All Recycling Crew use Purple Route to get here (see signs as you approach site) on the east side of the site, and park in Purple Car Park.  Then you enter site via Blue Gate (PGB)  (see map online) which is near Tom’s Field.  Make sure you have requested a car pass online.  

There is a Crew Mini Bus or Tractor Train to help you get from the car park to Tom’s Field:
19/6/22 – 21/6/22 08:00-21:00    Purple/Orange Car Park to Tom’s Field
22/6/22 – 26/6/22    08:00-21:00    Booking only (if available)
27/6/22 – 27/6/22 08:00-22:00    Return from Tom’s Field to Purple/Orange Car Park
28/6/22 minimal cover 08:00-18:00
Wait for one to turn up or text 07760-666616

Electric cars:  There are no on site charging points.  You should go to the Bronze Gate (west side of site) where we will have recharging facilities for as long as the festival is open to the public.

Postcodes for Red and Blue Gates:
Red (A Gate / PGA) = BA4 4EE, BLUE (B Gate / PGB) = BA4 6TA


Motorbikes (incl quad bikes) are not allowed on site. The free, secure compound is near Festival Bus Station (follow Yellow Route). There is a walk to access the site at Gate A.  The compound is open from 08:00 Tues. 21st June but it closes at 17:00 on Mon 27th June (confirm this when you get here).  No vehicle pass is required.  Before Tues. the compound is available but not secure so bikes should be locked to the fence. 


If you cycle to the festival you have to park your bike in the site lock-up at Yellow Gate (near Pedestrian Gate A) which opens at 08:00 Wednesday 22nd June and closes 12:00 Mon 27th June.  Bikes are not allowed on site.

The Festival site is just a few miles south of Route 3 of the National Cycle Network, which runs between Glastonbury and Wells. For route planning advice, check out . 


If you are being given a lift and need dropping off / collecting, please go to the main entrance of the Bath & West Showground on the A371 near Shepton Mallet.  It is well signposted.  There are free 24hr shuttle buses to and from the Festival Bus Station from 09:00 Tues 21st - 22:00 Mon 27th June.  If you are using a Mendip Council accredited taxi then you can be dropped off at taxi drop off site at Bronze Gate but please note this is further away from Gate A than the Festival Bus Station.

Please see the site map on the recycling website.  You can also look at the Glasto website for more information about getting here and maps.