Privacy Policy & GDPR

Last updated: 8th October 2021


We, our, us - Glastonbury Festival Events Limited (also known as GFEL)

You, your, user - a member of the public accessing this website for information, an applicant submitting data, or a volunteer updating their data.

Our team - employees (including Fiona) and contractors of Glastonbury Festival Events Limited and Critical Waste Limited who may have access to your data so that they can support you.


What data do we collect and why? 

The data we request from you during the application and update processes is essential to employing you at the festival. In addition we record the details recorded on the on-site registers that tell us which shifts you completed and also any further information you choose to give us while on-site (if you ask for it to be recorded).

What data do we share and why? 

Your data will be used for purposes relating to the Recycling Team, such as issuing your pass and communicating with you about your role. Your data will be shared with Critical Waste Limeted for the purposes of shift organisation and this shared data will be deleted at the end of each festival.  We will hold your data for a period of five festivals, thereby ensuring you have the opportunity to gain veteran status.

If you fail to complete all of your shifts as a volunteer in accordance with our terms and conditions (or otherwise breach them), your basic identification details may be disclosed to organisations providing other services at the Glastonbury Festival for their future reference, but these organisations are only permitted to use this data for the purposes of their work at Glastonbury Festival. Otherwise your data will not be shared with anyone for any purpose.


We place strict controls over access to your data and ensure that noone has access to your data that shouldn't.

Legal Jurisdiction

We operate under the laws of England and Wales.


Breach Notification

We will notify our users of any breach of data via email within 72hrs of identifying the breach.

Right to Access

You can request data that is held about you on our systems if required by emailing

Right of Erasure

You may request to have all of your personal data removed from our systems with the exception of the audit trail. You can request this by contacting However, if you choose to do this you will forfeit your ability to become a veteran volunteer as information regarding previous years worked will no longer be available.Additionally, if your data has been deleted, we will no longer be able to contact you so that we can ask you back to volunteer in future years.

Data Protection Officer
Andy Wilcott is the Data Protection Officer. He can be contacted via the Contact Us pages.

Personal data

The Recycling Crew website allows you to view data relevant to your personal application and volunteering details only.

Personal data that you provide to us will be deleted after a period of five festivals.