Privacy Policy

What data do we collect and why?

All the data we request in the application process is essential to employing you at the festival. In addition we record the details recorded on the on-site registers that tell us which shifts you completed and also any further information you choose to give us while on-site (if you ask for it to be recorded).

If you want to unsubscribe At any time you can request that we remove your data from our records by contacting

What data do we share and why?

If you fail to complete all of your shifts as a volunteer in accordance with our terms and conditions (or otherwise breach them), your basic identification details

may be disclosed to organisations providing other services at the Glastonbury Festival for their future

reference, but these organisations are only permitted to use this data for the purposes of their work at Glastonbury Festival. Otherwise your data will not be shared with anyone for any purpose.

 When will we contact you and how? We’ll communicate with you mostly by email but sometimes by phone, text messaging or post. Most of our communication will directly concern your work with us and will contain important information. We may also contact you to invite you to apply again in future years or to make you aware of similar work opportunities with Critical Waste – the company employed by us to manageyour work at Glastonbury Festival.