Save The Farm


This is a personal message from me to you. I live in Pilton and work here at Worthy Farm so I am doubly fortunate. I care about this wonderful site and hope you do too. This year there are a few special messages to pass on so please read and heed!

Be aware that the greater need for security these days means there will be increased searches on arrival. This may cause some delays but please be patient and make new friends in the queue. Love has blossomed at the festival in many ways!

The festival is held on a beautiful Somerset farm and we’d like to keep it that way. As the numbers on site grow we are putting greater strain on the farm environment. You, as a Recycling Crew Team member, need to be a model to others who don’t care as much. For example, no-one should pee anywhere other than a loo! Anyone found ignoring this will be asked to leave site.

Polluting the land and streams, and killing fish is not in your long-term interests if you want the festival to continue.

If you bring it take it home! So take your tent and all personal possessions with you and deposit all your waste in a rubbish bin.

Leave your bit of the Worthy Farm spotless!

Sorry if this is stating the blooming obvious to you but I feel it’s worth saying.

See you in a few weeks.




PS Please note that when you arrive at Tom’s Field to register you will be given a t-shirt (one only) and if you are a veteran you just get a veteran’s t-shirt not an ordinary one as well.

PPS You will find an E-ticket with your Confirmation Letter – no need to print it again! Just bring it with your letter. Don’t want to waste a tree!