Recycling Crew

Festival Info

For general info about the festival have a look at the Glastonbury Festival website info page.

When you arrive at the festival site you first need to collect your pass. 

Then you'll need to get into the festival through the nearest pedestrian gate and find Tom's field. Everyone working with us camps in Tom’s Field, that’s a field at the very top of the festival site near the farm house, it’s got a lot more space than the public camping, it also has lots of hot showers and clean toilets. Tom's field is only for our crew, it's not accessible to the public. Our office is in the corner where you need to register once you arrive, and is the first place to go if you need any help.

There’s a huge marquee where the caterers live and serve up amazing food, there’s the best bar on site and small shop. Sam's Travelling Garden is a nice place to sit and have a beer and there's a big fire pit which we light every night.

When you’re not at work you have the same access to the festival as a full ticket holder.

The work is hard, mucky and outdoors so be ready for it. Here’s a list of things we suggest you bring:

  • A tent and all the things to make it cosy.
  • Light work clothes and hat for working in the sun.
  • Warm work clothes and waterproofs for work in the rain.
  • Wellies.
  • Lots of socks.
  • A water bottle you can take to work.
  • A small back pack to keep your stuff in while you work.
  • An alarm clock!

We supply a crew t-shirt, sun-cream, cups of water and protective gloves.

We look after you while you’re at work with water breaks and welfare back-up.